Homemade Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Homemade Little Red Riding Hood Costume

I got so many compliments on my kids HOMEMADE Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf costume. The wolf was so easy, faux fur, a hoodie, cardboard ears lined in felt and faux fur and a tail. Little red was easy enough too. I made the red hood from a fleece for warmth. I added to a white dress I already had with ribbon and bows. I was so pleased with the outcome.

Homemade Costume Attempts


I really love a homemade costume. I know, not everyone has the time or desire to stay up past midnight the night before halloween creating a costume that will likely never be worn again. I know it is often more costly then hitting up target for a ready made outfit. With that being said, homemade costumes, even whent hey are falling apart and less then perfect, are the best! This is a a simple costume I made for my daughter when she was two. Made from a hooded shirt, cotton balls, black tights, a black shirt, glue gun and a lot of time, this costume was easy and so cute! I had some concerns about fire safety though. Here in Ohio, many people have firepits out as they hand candy out to the trick-or-treaters. The solution? Fire retardant spray (found here). I found some at my local hardware store. After glue the cotton balls I sprayed them with the No Burn Spray. Still concerned, I made my husabnd try to light the thing on fire! The spray worked great, no fires were had.

For the Love of Pinterest

Since a good friend asked, “have you heard of this pinterest?” I have been hooked. The first few weeks I spent many sleepless nights liking, pinning and repinning. I will admit to my son asking me to reed to him and me thinking, “I have no time for that, I am learning how to be … Continue reading


A pirate ship watermelon made easy by reurposing a toy pirate’s sail. This was really a show stopper on my food table.

Pirate Grub!

Pirate Grub!

A food table fit for any little pirate.